rutmul (Rutger Muller)
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a.k.a. Rutger Muller

RutMul is the portfolio of Rutger Muller's contemporary (electro-acoustic) music and performance arts. Muller explores cutting-edge classical-electronic crossover music. Some of his works are solo productions, others are collaborations with instrumentalists, improvisers, coders, dancers and other creatives.

In 2012, Muller graduated as an MA in Music Technology at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU). He now works from Amsterdam, and is pursuing artistic residencies abroad.

Artistic statement: RutMul attempts to extract mystic sound worlds from the chaos of globalised digital culture. Emotion gets abstracted (reverse-engineered) into spiritual music, thereby revealing the ancient (automated) instincts of organisms and the so called inanimate. Which leads to the question: what were the meanings and powers of spiritual music before religion?

Compositional focus: Computer generated sounds are contrasted with samples and improvisations of classical and folkloristic musicians. Reminiscent of the sampling and remixing mindset common to club music (such as ambient and techno), the abstraction and minimisation of ancient and classical music are key actions in the compositional and performative research.

PROTOKOLS techno opera [teaser video]

The Protokols techno-opera explores the mystic effects of reflecting age old traditions of instrument developments and musical rituals in the mirror of contemporary culture. Performed at Muziekgebouw and Rewire. [by Kim-José Bode + Wen Chin Fu + Rutger Muller + Naïvi]

PROTOKOLS album [6 short excerpts]

Six excerpts of 'Protokols', an unreleased techno-classical album by Von Norfeld (Rutger Muller). Inspired by 20th century classical music (minimalism, atonalism, etc.) + (dark) ambient + techno - featuring improvisations by Wen Chin Fu (cello,), Kim-José Bode (recorders, vocals), Christian Tan (double bass). Cover art by Joeri Lefévre.

Cynquery [6 minute music video]

From the still unreleased PROTOKOLS album, Cynquery is a science-fiction composition about baroque data retrieved from technological space debris. [Music & Video by Rutger Muller (Von Norfeld), vocals written and performed by Kim-José Bode, based on footage by NASA and ESA]

"TRIO Von Norfeld, Kim-José Bode, Wen Chin Fu" [excerpt]

As a futuristic chamber trio, Von Norfeld (electronics, percussion), Wen Chin Fu (cello, wearables) and Kim-José Bode (recorders, vocals) focus on mystic minimalism. Inspired by (A) classical composers, such as Feldman, Scelsi, Dowland (B) ambient composers like Murcof, Steve Roach, (C) Asian spiritual music.

"Control Rod Samurai" fictional soundtrack

I composed a track for this fictional movie soundtrack, using a variety of Japanese sounds: taiko drums, temple bells, cicadas (crickets), koto, gong. CardiacTrance played the kagurabue (flute).

"Into Another Body" interactive dance

Into Another Body is a multi-disciplinary project by Animu Dance: visual coder Maarten van Der Glas and contemporary dancer Anastasia Kostner. A camera tracks the body movements of Anastasia, creating a virtual representation of her body. Von Norfeld reacts with improvised sound. Performed at Tanz Bozen / Bolzano Dance (Italy).

"Thresholder" multiplayer installation

Thresholder is an audio-visual installation inspired by gameplay and improvisation. On a 10x10M surface, players are bound together through a floor-projected network of nodes and lines. Through social interaction, players can explore and transform the audio-visual landscape by stretching the network's lines. [by Daan van Hasselt + Rutger Muller]

《Glitch Portrait ・ Irina》

I started the Glitch Portraits project to experiment with glitch art. The whole audio-video chain is made by me (Photography > Photo Editing > Video Editing > Sound Design > Music Composition).
"Miles away from even a lot of the post-classical music you hear these days, this is driving, jazz-inflected experimental electronic music deeply rooted in classical instrumentation and form."
- CDM about the PROTOKOLS album demo, 2015
"We were blown away by this ensemble."
- Rewire Festival organisation about our live show, 2014
"Beautiful, elegant and mysterious."
- Murcof (Fernando Corona) about Von Norfeld music, 2015
- Hubble Space Telescope (ESA) about the Cynquery video, 2015
^ photo by Anastasija Pirozenko ^ photo by Michiel Gardner ^ photo by Michiel Gardner ^ photo by Anastasija Pirozenko ^ photo by Pieter Kers ^ photo by Justina Nekrasaite ^ photo by Michiel Gardner ^ photo by Justina Nekrasaite ^ photo by Michiel Gardner ^ photo by Rutger Muller ^ photo by Pieter Kers ^ photo by Justina Nekrasaite ^ photo by Pieter Kers ^ photo by Pieter Kers